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candy_rabbit's Journal

Constance Candy Rabbit
I am a fat upstanding white rabbit. I know my right from wrong. Just say NO. Mapmap.
a diet of coke, all getting on, alpabites, be so careful now, be yourself, being responsible, burrowing into armpits, carrots, chasing balls down stairs, chewing cables, cuddles, daffodils, dancesafe., digging holes, do take care, dwarf rabbits, eating wool, fresh air, gentle exercise, good clean fun, lettuce, making friends, mapmap, mapping, marshmallows, mentalist disorderism, necking candy, peer pressure, pink downy noses, pinks, plur is bad, pop, powder puff tails, reefer mentalism, safe clubbing, sartre, say no to ajax, say no to cares, say no to eccies, say no to feminax, say no to petting, say no to poppers, say no to semen, say no to skag, sexual experimentation, sisal toy carrots, skittles, strangers, stroking other animals, take care, take care now, take lots of care, the park, whites